Our Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy so on this page we set forth all areas of potential concern.

Customer information
We maintain a customer database which contains the following information: email, name, postal address, mobile phone (if provided), order, order date. This data is only used for the filling of your order and any re-orders you may make.

We have a zero tolerance policy for SPAM. We will not use your email address for anything other than communication about your order status.

We do not make, set or read cookies. We believe that cookies are for eating.

JavaScript is required to use the following parts of this website:
* Drop-down menu navigation
* Tabbed navigation
* Google analytics (Sorry, until I can host my own I have to use these bastards. "Google, Do no evil" - yeah, right.)

We use geo-location to determine which country you are visiting from in order to present you with local prices and suitable purchasing options for your country. If you are using a VPN then you won't be able to see those options or perhaps any options at all as we sell to a restricted number of countries. If you want to buy from us then please turn off the VPN & hit reload to order.

Our server keeps temporary ( about 1 month ) web logs which record your IP address, what pages you visited on our site and what search engine or link you used to visit our site. This data helps tell us what pages are popular as well as how customers find us but it isn't as useful as Google Analytics so that is why we use that even though it makes the site slower.

Our Privacy Promise
CyberAtlantis does not share / sell / rent our customer list & database with any indivdual, company, or organisation.