Merck (MSD) Proscar Finasteride 5mg

Manuf. by: Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd., USA
Packaging: 30 tablets, blister pack, boxed
Expiry: 06/2018
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Proscar Finasteride 5mg was originally developed to treat benign prostate enlargement (BPH) but during the trials they discovered a positive side effect; some of patients who also had male pattern baldness started to regrow hair. After a few years of more trials to confirm what they already knew the FDA graciously bestowed their OK to Merck to sell Propecia Finasteride 1mg in 1997 for Male Pattern Baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

How it works:

Finasteride acts in the body to significantly lower levels of dihydrotestosterone or DHT by inhibiting type 1 & 2 5-Alpha Reductase; the enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into DHT. High amounts of DHT contribute to prostate enlargement as well as hair loss in individuals with a genetic pre-disposition.

The choice... Propecia or Proscar?

Why buy Propecia when you can buy Proscar for a fraction of the price! Both are made by Merck and contain only Finasteride but a box of Proscar 5mg x30 tabs equals 150mg of finasteride, whereas a box of Propecia contains 28mg has 5 times more finasteride per tablet. Prop(Proscar = 5mg, Propecia = 1mg). Cost-conscious customers usually buy Proscar and cut the 5mg tablet into fourths (1.25mg) or even fifths (1mg) therefore getting all the benefits of Propecia at a dramatically reduced pricetag.

If you cut Proscar into fourths (1.25mg) you only need 3 boxes to save your hair for the entire year (360 days). Compare that to 12 boxes of Propecia and you will realise that Proscar is cheapest way to save your hair and your bank balance.

To increase bio-availability, you can take Proscar on an empty stomach with a glass of grapefruit juice because it contains substances that inhibit a particular digestive enzyme that breaks down Finasteride thus significantly increasing bloodstream levels.

WARNING: Any side effects you may normally experience while on Finasteride may be increased by consuming grapefruit juice. If you are are on any other kind of medication please check for any contraindications for grapefruit.

Can't figure out how to cut that odd shaped Proscar tablet into fifths (1mg)?

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