Identifying characteristics of GlaxoSmithKline's Avodart

Pill Identification:

Avodart soft capsules are exactly 19x6mm and are an opaque pale yellow with a seam going length-wise round. Printed on each is "GX CE2" in either a reddish brown (French production) or a black outline (Polish production). Capsules are really firm when first taken out of the packaging and exposure to air & humidity makes them soft.

Description of box:

Avodart comes in boxes of 30 soft gel capsules (the gelatin used is from cows so the vegetarians & Hindus amongst us may face a moral dilemma). There are two box designs shown below. Depending on what end-market the Avodart you buy was destined for there will be local languages in addition to the English.

Grapefruit Juice

To increase bio-availability, preferably take Avodart on an empty stomach with Grapefruit juice because it contains substances that inhibit the digestive enzyme (CYP3A4) that breaks down dutasteride therefore significantly increasing bloodsteam levels.

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